Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Cherry Blossom Wedding

Do you remember the hail today? The ominous skies, the intermittent rain....the everything falling in on us but locusts? My bride and groom, Cheryl and Mark, had planned a picture perfect wedding on the East Lawn of the Jefferson Memorial, timed with the peak cherry blossom blooms, for 4pm today. Yup. Right around the time that the skies were spitting, coughing and generally very finicky.
But, as things tend to do, they worked, out. I'm backing up their images now before heading off to bed, but thought I would post this standout image from their collection. Congratulations Mark and Cheryl! Not only to your marriage, but to a gorgeous day against all odds. You are blessed from the start.


Irina said...

Blessed from the start- agreed! Breathtaking ceremony, what a couple! I can't wait to see more photos. As always, it was wonderful to see you, Stacey! ;)

Cheryl said...

Stacey! We are just getting back to "reality" out here on the Left Coast. You were such a trouper through the mud, hail, pestilence, and throngs of touristas! I can't believe how beautiful this photo is... your blog just rocks. We had a ball even with the challenges and the adventures and you made it so easy BELIEVE that the day would be phenomenal.

And thank you so much for pointing me toward Irina -- she is a natural at making brides look natural :)

You are spreading the Zen! Can't wait to see the rest of your artistry.

Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez said...

Thanks Cheryl. It was a true joy to share in the day with both of you. But really, I knew it would be a perfect wedding no matter what! And yes, Irina is amazing.

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