Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Pride is a tricky thing for an artist.
There's that little thing called perfectionism, first of all.


Then there's the to-do list a mile long, that always makes one feel slightly incomplete. A bit undone.
Pride never is an emotion that swells to the top of the food chain. It's always chomped on by doubt, ambition, exhaustion, and distraction.

But when I work for a client who can achieve their goals, wipe something major off of their to-do list as a result of my help, well, that does make me feel proud.

One of the areas in which I've been working this year has been in corporate branding. I've done all the photography for Metrocurean.com, mirasadesign.com, American Association of University Women, and many more awesome clients. The most recent was Allan Woods Flowers. We are still building their portfolio of images, but just a second ago I flipped to their website, just to see their progress, and voila! found a gorgeous new site, featuring their amazing arrangements and enveloping, fragrant shop featured full frame. To see my photography accurately depict their artistry...ah. It's the feeling of great satisfaction.

And to have my photography support the liveliehood of an amazing team of professionals supporting our local neigborhood, even better.

But the best of all is shooting a room full of gorgeous flower arrangements. Can you say delicious?

Now if someone could just help me get my new website done.


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