Thursday, September 15, 2011

What we throw away....

I know my clients would like to think that I don't toss a single image from their session. Each and every moment is truly precious. But when it comes to making a decision for printing, we all suffer from paralysis through analysis. I haven't had a consistent headshot in years, because my Dad keeps taking pictures of me, but I can't decide which truly represents my personality.

So the question becomes, not, do I delete this:
Because, of course, yes. But do I delete this? 

Because, while Anthony's look might seem mid-thought to me, it may personify his true personality to his Mom and Dad. There's this picture of my husband, hanging permanently as an 11x14 on my in-love's wall. It's black and white. Juan's tongue is slightly out between his tight lips. He's got a gleam in his eyes and a small ball in his hands. He looks like he's up to something both super fun and no good at all. The image speaks volumes about who he was as a three year old. It represents both the trials and the joy that he has brought to his family for 35 years.  

The true essence of a person is what I try to capture in a photograph. A work that will stand the test of time. Something that hangs on the wall of house after house, year after year, and always speaks: "that's my (son) (my brother) (me) (my lover)."
So, in this age of digital photography. What do we throw away? What do we keep? Let me know how you make this decision, in the comments.

A few favorites from Dina and Mark's session....

more soon, from the land of the busy and blessed....svg


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