Thursday, May 5, 2011

Candace and Scott

Candace, Scott and I braved the schizophrenic weather yesterday afternoon for their long-awaited and often rained out engagement session! It was so worth it. Not only are they awesome in front of the camera, but they are awesome with each other. They were so cute during the shoot, that about a hundred 8th graders touring the monuments were cheering them on - oohing and ahhing and shouting "congratulations!".


Incidentally, a story on this next image, which isn't a fav from the day. Before sending them out onto these grounds, I said to Candace "I sort of wish you had on your wedding dress right now...or something super dramatic to anchor this wide landscape". So, I send them out there, we take this frame and a few others...

 and as they're walking back to me, a man in a cowboy hat walks up. He's with our 8th grade fan club.
 He says in his southern drawl " 'mam, are you available to take my picture tomorrow? Because, ya see, tomorrow's the National Day of Prayer, and I'm going to be right here on this same lawn on a white horse. And I think it would be nice to have a picture of that."

A white horse. A man in a cowboy hat. That lawn. Could it get more dramatic than that?
Too bad I'm booked.


Many congratulations Candace and Scott! 


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