Monday, May 3, 2010

Alice and Robert - Institute of Spiritual Development | Adams Morgan, Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

Alice and Robert got married this Saturday. They came to me first as students in my yoga class, Alice with her blond ringlets, and both with wide open hearts. Alice and Robert truly share themselves, their spirit and their energy with all who come into their lives. So it was no surprise that their ceremony and reception were filled with elements that included their guests, reflected what is important to them, and was truly soulful.

They were married at the Institute of Spiritual Development, and had their reception at the Adams Morgan neighborhood favorite, Perry's.

Their wildflower arrangements were was this sign, on the wall of the hallway at the Institute. 

Tissues on ever pew, and a buddha in the garden...

The broom that they would jump over in the ceremony....and the groom showing off his purple socks.

The Insitute pre-ceremony

The groom, waiting for his bride

The bride and father of the bride...and fellow yoga teacher, Susie, and student, Talton, watching the entrance...

Alice and Robert wrote their own vows, and included many elements, including sipping from each other's wine glasses, binding their hands together and, jumping the broom!

We moved onto the Georgetown waterfront for some fun pictures of bride and groom along the water

And onto Perry's for a reception full of music, toasts, food, drink, sunshine! And a beautiful song, written by Robert for Alice.

Congratulations Robert and Alice!


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