Monday, March 8, 2010

Yoga in DC

Working with the yogis at Past Tense Studio has allowed me to explore photography in a totally new way. Not only can these guys do some really bendy things that make a photo instantly interesting, but there is also a real adventurous spirit that enters the shoot when they get in front of the camera. Yesterday we worked in an alley in Mt Pleasant street, on a driveway, and in an empty very glamorous.

This is my favorite image I have taken in some time - many thanks to Simone for styling.

So why do I love it? The grafitti off left seems like clouds drifting through the scene, while Caroline's expression mimicks the same. The complimentary colors of orange and blue hold your eye on the subject and frame, without any other color or bit of sky, or bright spot drawing your attention elsewhere. As well, the door frame "holding" Caroline is just a neat thing. Not to mention she is the exact height of the door, and fills it top to bottom and side to side, completely.

Anyway, it's weird, it's quirky, and it's really natural. Makes me love it.
more soon,


Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

Great photo...all the elements really came together, making for a very eye catching photo. I like the flow of her body in contrast with the static brick of the wall.

Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

...hi again :) I have a blog award for your ... check it out here
The Candid Reviewer

Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez said...

Thanks Sarah :)

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