Sunday, August 16, 2009

Out of Order and Back to Reality

I have so much more to post on California! But I'm back to work today - with a great shoot this morning with little LoLo and parents Steph and Mike, and this afternoon with our beautiful studio assistants and volunteers at Past Tense yoga. I teach there and do all the photography for the website and walls. Keep on the lookout for a gallery show later on in the fall. In the meantime - here are a few shots from today, taken in the studio space. We had the assistance of Irina Gerasimova, makeup artist at Bobbi Brown - doing a bang up job on makeup for the ladies. These guys just rocked it - they were so easy going and fun to work with - even in our whirlwind shoot of just under 1.5 hours for all four!

Aashumi - Textile designer, student of yoga and Past Tense Studio Assistant. Check out this blog later in the year for promotion of her new kids textiles line.

Carlos, Aashumi's partner and student of yoga

Kelly - Past Tense SA and Past Tense Emerging Teacher

Promotion for our Yoga For Runner's Series - rolling out this fall.

More soon - sv


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