Monday, June 8, 2009

Antone and Nicole - Inn at Kelley's Ford | Remington, Virginia Wedding Photographer


What a gorgeous weekend! After days of rain, on Saturday I was blessed to share in and shoot the picture perfect day for Nicole and Antone's wedding.

On Friday, they had just a lovely dinner with friends and family that clearly love and support this couple very much.

Nicole's brother and sister gave a really sweet and funny toast, including the reading of a Pablo Neruda poem...

They got married at the Liberty United Methodist Church in intimate church with gorgeous stained glass...

And had their reception at the absolutely breathtaking Inn at Kelley's Ford. I told Nicole that I think it's the most beautiful reception site I have photographed, to which she responded "oh, you say that to all the girls"...but I don't. It is just stunning out there. A close second to the most beautiful location in the world, Thendara Inn on Canandaguia Lake, NY, where I got married. Family is so important to this couple, that even in the ninety degree heat, they wanted this picture of all of their family, both sides, together in one frame...I don't blame them in the least.

Congratulations Nicole and Antone!


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